Jennifer Swick’s exceptional work ethic, extensive advertising and marketing background as well as her public relations and communications abilities have greatly contributed to the popularity and success of The Leaf People. Jennifer joined The Leaf People determined to make it a household name.

Jennifer shares the same beliefs as Martin that one never stops growing spiritually or intellectually. After deciding to make a major shift in her personal life a decade ago, it has been her mission and her passion to make a difference in people’s lives with her spirituality, positive thinking and by living by the belief that there is beauty and love in everything and it should be shared with the world. Jennifer has built her life on peace, unity and love through her Yoga and meditation practices and by the immeasurable love she was filled with upon becoming a Mother.

Jennifer, being a firm believer in the meeting of two people ALWAYS happens for a reason, was introduced to Martin from what she believes was Divine Intervention on her path to make a difference in the world. She knew by simply glancing at Martin that this was her “home” and her calling. She has never looked back.