Thank You

The Leaf People salutes the sales industry, the artist, the teacher and the public servant. You are all an inspiration and are truly the reason the world goes round. We respect the sales representatives and retailers who are responsible for visual display, customer service, and product sales that enlighten and bring joy to the world.

All scenes in this book are a stage set to recognize the contribution of actors, artists, musicians, and writers who communicate knowledge through entertainment. The Leaf People gives a round of applause to all teachers who take pride in inspiring and educating their students. The Leaf People story is a gift to all public servants for whom the greatest of life’s satisfaction is working together to benefit society.

At its roots, The Leaf People is dedicated to all who have suffered or died because of intolerance, racism, disease or discrimination. The creation of this book took over 20 years, and is for you to treasure as an addition to your library, or to bestow as a treasured gift. The book can also be handed down to the next generation as a family heirloom. Again, thank you from The Leaf People.