Life is about taking care of oneself… it is also about caring and giving back to others.

The Leaf People LLC has created an illustrated family novel that will teach adults and children to care for themselves and the environment, embrace racial and multicultural diversity and to respect family values. This is the foundation we all need to grow.

The lesson is simple: trees, plants and wildlife grow all around us in peace and balance. The Leaf People is about changes that are happening all around us every day. The story will prove people can change when given the opportunity to do so. Our philosophy is that harmony is possible in everyone’s lives. The plants, trees, and animals grow together in harmony, so do people.

Count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. Stay away from the negative thoughts and focus on the positive. This will create harmony that is the cornerstone of The Leaf People. We understand that everyone has their own philosophy of life, dreams and inspirations. It is our hope the story of the Leaf People can be part of that.