Our story begins… Martin Link has an idea for a children’s collectible that will teach children about horticulture, the country they live in, and how to grow together.

To protect the idea and name Martin’s lawyer advised him to write a children’s book, copyright it and trademark the name. Martin never intended to be an author of a book nor did he expect it to be a work in progress for more than 20 years.

As a result of world events, what started out to be a 16-page children’s book evolved to be a 230+ page illustrated family novel with over 170 pages of magnificent artwork.

There are several reasons for the book's current format and one of them is that more characters were added as Martin was influenced by concerts he attended, athletes he respected and celebrities that impressed him. As each character was added, the story had to be rewritten. Each character comes from Martin's heart, soul and passion for everyone around him. Many circumstances in Martin’s life prevented the book from coming to fruition until now.

As a firm, The Leaf People LLC will continue to promote Tolerance, Family Values, and Care for the Environment with every item it sells.

A virtual world named Leaf People Land will soon be made available for all family members to explore and learn from online. Various collectibles will be the next stage and we promise to create with integrity and respect for one another and the environment.

We look forward to working hard together with other companies creating an exciting, innovative and profitable relationship for everyone involved. We have the utmost respect for our sales professionals and retailers. Our foundation is that all companies involved in The Leaf People project donate a portion of their net sales to charity.

This is a privately held company. The Leaf People LLC headquarters are in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Established in 2013 by Martin Link.