Numerous characters help to tell the Leaf People story: five main Leaf People and five children. Each character has different strengths and talents and each has his or her weaknesses as well, like all of us. By facing adversity and overcoming challenges, each character grows throughout the story. All the Characters throughout this story were based on actual people the author respected including Matthew Shepard, James Byrd Jr. and Xolani Nkosi Johnson

Billy Blue Spruce ™

Scholars of ancient history throughout Leaf People World have referred to Billy Blue Spruce as one of the tallest and most clever of all time. A soldier of the mountains, the air and the forests, he is best known, not for his huge trunk and branch-like arms, but for his unparalleled purification of air and his watchful eye over the other plants and flowers of the forest. He also has a special love interest, one who he will stop at nothing to protect.

Rosie Rose ™

Rosie Rose’s beautiful appearance belies her inner strength. Her powerful fragrance delays and confuses Polluta the pollution witch. With a deep commitment to the world’s natural beauty, Rosie will accept nothing less than the total defeat of pollution. Rosie is secretly in love with Billy Blue Spruce, and she will do anything to help him. Billy is Rosie’s true love and he has a secret desire for Rosie too.

Lily of the Valley ™

Lily is a great example of beauty and sophistication. She embodies strength and wisdom, and her mission is to work with her comrades to act as a decoy when pollution appears. Representing all women warriors, Lily exemplifies all that feminine horticulture is capable of in the war against pollution.

Irving Ivy ™

A great soldier of the ground, Irving Ivy’s strength is in his powerful vines and leaves. He protects the roots of all plants and trees from the hot direct sun. He provides moisture for snails, frogs, turtles, lizards, all nature’s creatures that crawl. Irving Ivy uses his strength to fight pollution and he is so successful that, and on most occasions, the mere mention of his name causes the Pollution Witch to retreat in fear.

Polluta ™

The enemy of all the beauty of nature, Polluta the pollution witch dreams of the day when she can claim her name in the world of horticulture. Once known as “Janet Jasmine,” she was used and manipulated. Broken, living in bitterness and pain, she transformed into one of the one of the earth's greatest enemies. Her plan is complete domination, and to do this, she needs to start at the top. Billy Blue Spruce, the tallest of all trees and the most respected creature in Leaf People World, will be her first victim.