Thank you for your interest in assisting The Leaf People in bringing our message to your audience, subscribers, readers or members of your organization. The Leaf People book is a first of its kind and will generate respect and bring attention to your cause.

Working together will open new doors for you, ushering in success. The Leaf People is a timeless classic and a compliment to any publicity it is given. Please contact our VP of Media and Public Relations to discuss joining The Leaf People family, and to see how this book can make a difference for your organization or company.

Press Kits

Press kits are available by request. All magazines, charities, newspapers, fundraisers are invited to email our public relations department.

Add something special to your next event by hosting a book signing or have the author do a reading for your group. We believe The Leaf People has a positive message and we would love to share it with your audience or group!

Thank you for your time and consideration.