Imagine the Leaf People on the Runway!

You may have noticed that the Leaf People characters are dressed in unique costumes. That's because as he created them, the author visualized each character emerging as its horticultural plant-like self. Each character is wearing a high design, over-the-top runway fashion statement.

To find the perfect designer to bring the idea to life, the author interviewed over 50 fashion designers. The moment Seong Bai walked into his office, he knew he had found the one he was looking for. Her confidence, style and the presentation of her fashion designs were exceptional. Her attention to detail was done to perfection in the fashion design portfolio she carried in for the interview. Her creations were clean, sharp and above all professional. This was the beginning of the fashion designs the author wanted each of his characters to wear.

After they agreed to a working relationship Seong presented three black and white choices to pick from. After the author picked one Seong would return it to him in color. The author has all the original panels of fashions and has kept them in safe storage ever since.

Please note as each character’s body type changed in the art, so did the original fashion design. Short, tall, slim, pleasantly plump characters altered the original fashion design to fit who they are. In an effort to show you how the author got to each character's wardrobe, The Leaf People book is delighted to premier the many fashion sketches done by Seong Bai. These fashion sketches are found at the end of the book.

These outstanding original exclusive fashion renderings will be made available for purchase after 10,000 books are sold. Should you wish to buy these exquisite fashion panels please be sure to add your email address to the guestbook on our home page.