Q. Is The Leaf People a book teachers can use?

A. The Leaf People is perfect for teachers because it can be used as a lesson book. Art always connects children to a story. Lessons could be planned around any of the messages from The Leaf People, from comprehension to role playing.

Q. My family lives in the metropolitan area outside of Boston, Massachusetts. What store in my area sells your book? I have looked and cannot find it anywhere.

A. The Leaf People LLC is currently hiring sales professionals to sell to your local retailers. We hope in the near future you will be able to purchase the book at retail at a merchant near you. In the meantime, you can purchase the book through our online store and have the magic of The Leaf People delivered straight to your door, no matter where you live.

Q. What age group is The Leaf People written for?

A. The book was created for both adults and children to read. This is why we refer to it as an illustrated family novel. It is the perfect book for parents read to their children at night or when the entire family is gathered together. Children between the ages of four and sixteen like The Leaf People fashions and the message it teaches about anti-bullying. Word of mouth has sold this book to all age levels.

Q. Is this book appropriate to be given as a special occasion gift?

A. The Leaf People certainly can be given as a gift to anyone and it makes an excellent special occasion gift. Grandparents can purchase it for a grandchild’s birthday or to give as a holiday gift. Someone who enjoys art would be another perfect candidate for this book. A patient in the hospital no matter what age will enjoy the artwork as well as the story as they recover. An aspiring fashion designer will enjoy the fashion sketches in the back of the book and may find them inspirational.

Q. This may seem like a silly question but will the Leaf People fashions seen at the end of the story be available to buy in a clothing store?

A. Wouldn't that be wonderful! It is our hope that a fashion designer will want to bring these fashions to life. Until such time we have to wait for this gracious opportunity.

Q. Why did The Leaf People take over 20 years to complete?

A. For the complete story about how The Leaf People came to be, please see Our Story. The short answer is that the story has grown from a 16-page tale to its current 230+ pages as a result of the author's experiences and in response to events in the news. Environmental issues and news stories of hate crimes and gang violence had an enormous impact on the shape the book would eventually take. Characters were added to commemorate people whose lives were impacted by disease, hatred or violence. The Leaf People has also grown with each person who has touched it. A change in artists necessitated another delay, but the end result was worth it. The artwork itself is so detailed that each page took anywhere from two weeks to a month to complete. Health issues also caused delays. The author was hit hard by cancer, and although recovery took years, he was left with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude for every day he is given. At long last, The Leaf People has been completed. It is our sincerest hope that the story is one that you will want to visit again and again.